Angela gets all back.

Discussion in 'Falcon Crest' started by Falcon Crest I, Oct 9, 2018.

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    Peter Stavros could well have given Angela the best present she ever got, when Falcon Crest was 100% under her ownership in the middle season. Chase had no say nor Richard. Then two years later she acquired Chase's other wineries (post his Falcon Crest interest), Maggie didn't want them and then got all FC back again the next year, after the fire, only to have to go go through it all again before the show finished. Her business move in season five was her smartest, certainly in the later years. Would you say so?
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    Sure was a victorious time for Angie when she was with Peter. Adding all those wineries to FC was all of her doing though, I think Chase must have been doing summersaults in the Bay.
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