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    Yup, yet another "Peyton Place Remake" idea from me. This time, however, I decided to trim down my intended episode count per season from 30, to 13. I think that might be better, as it would mean a more concise story and less filler.

    So here's how the first season would look:

    Episode 1: Peyton Place, USA

    [Summer of 1962]

    Dr. Michael Rossi arrives in town via the train; he is met by Matthew Swain, who introduces Mike to his cousin, Constance MacKenzie; there's an instant attraction, though Connie is quick to keep Mike at arm's length; meanwhile, the shack-dwelling Cross family loses a member when eldest son Paul ditches town; Selena Cross goes to her best friend, Allison MacKenzie, for condolences; Connie recalls the circumstances around Allison's conception; Rodney Harrington loses his virginity to the not-so-virgin Betty Anderson; Rodney's joy is cut short when he witnesses his father, Leslie, locked in a passionate kiss with Betty's mother, Julie; this causes Rodney to immediately call Betty and break up with her; Rodney's stepmother, Catherine Peyton, goes to Dr. Rossi, complaining of certain symptoms; Dr. Rossi realizes she needs an operation, but he is prevented by Dr. Bradford, who believes Catherine is faking her symptoms; the end result is Catherine dying.

    Episode 2: A Mother's Love

    Its revealed that Catherine had long ago blackmailed Leslie into signing ownership of his mill to her when she threatened Rodney's life; Catherine's will bequeaths the mill to her father, Martin Peyton, who snidely allows Leslie to "overlook" the mill; Martin also seeks revenge on Dr. Bradford for allowing Catherine's death to come to pass; Rodney asks Allison out, much to the chagrin of Betty and Allison's mother; Betty tries to win Rodney back by following them on their date and dancing seductively, but she ends up having a dance-off with Allison (Rodney is very impressed by both girls); Ted Carter asks Selena out, much to the chagrin of his snobby, elitist parents (particularly his mother, Roberta) and her own parents (particularly her stepfather, Lucas); Mike tries asking Connie out, but she turns him down; Connie recalls a conversation with her late mother, who believed no man would want Connie after he found out the truth about Allison's parentage; Evelyn Page witnesses her son, Norman, having a conversation with Allison, and ensures her son's sole devotion to her by psychologically torturing him until he promises that he loves her alone; Alma Miles has a much more meaningful (and healthy) talk with her own son, Lew, as he worries about being black in a mostly white town.

    Episode 3: Rodney the Menace

    [Autumn of 1962]

    Principal Abner Firth had a heart attack in his driveway, so the school board scrambles to find a replacement; Leslie Harrington, as head of the school board, tracks down a candidate: Tomas Kyros, a former English teacher working in a construction company; Leslie tries to get Tomas at a cheap salary, but Tomas proves to have a far stronger personality; on the day of his arrival in town, Tomas meets Connie, and just like Dr. Rossi, is immediately attracted to her, and she to him - but also like before, she keeps him at arm's length; on his first day, Principal Kyros clashes with a trouble-making Rodney Harrington, which incites the wrath of Leslie, but Principal Kyros stands firm when he says Rodney needs to be disciplined; meanwhile, Rodney receives shocking news from Betty Anderson: she's pregnant with his child; Rodney reveals this to his father, who tries to buy the Anderson family off; after George Anderson beats his daughter, Betty goes to Leslie's office, demanding that Rodney marry her, only for Leslie to threaten her into silence.

    Episode 4: Leave it to Rodney

    Former New York socialite Doris Schuster is planning on opening a new dress shop in town, and is looking for a babysitter for her deaf daughter, Kim; Allison is hired when she proves to make the best connection with Kim; Doris is suspicious that her husband, David, is smitten with Allison; Martin Peyton summons Betty to his castle, and after an 'interview' of her, decides he likes the girl, and would like for his grandson to marry her; Martin tries talking Rodney into it, but Rodney continues to refuse, declaring that he is "with Allison now"; later, Betty tries to persuade Rodney herself; she jumps into his car as he's about to take off, and shows him one of her breasts; distracted, Rodney nearly collides with a truck, causing his car to go off the road and crash; both survive, but Betty miscarries.

    Episode 5: Sex and the Single Girl

    Doris Schuster opens her dress shop, much to the delight of the town's wealthier ladies; Selena Cross gets a job there; Doris, increasingly jealous of how her husband and daughter seem to prefer Allison over her, sees the teenage girl across the street in conversation with Lew Miles; after the two share a hug and part ways, Doris spreads a rumor that white Allison is having a secret romance with black Lew; the rumor causes quite a commotion; Connie and Alma are quick to confront each other on the matter, though they manage to remain relatively civilized; the same cannot be said for when Connie accuses Allison, resulting in a nearly hysterical argument.

    Episode 6: Sixteen Going on Seventeen

    Allison's 17th birthday; she invites Betty in an effort to bury the hatchet between them, but once Betty arrives, she pours booze into the punch bowl and brings out mistletoe; Rodney turns out the lights and starts a game of "Photograph"; thanks to this, Norman Page and Ricky Jacks accidentally kiss... and discover they enjoyed it; Connie spends her evening out with Alma Miles, though the two are approached by Dr. Rossi and Principal Kyros at different times; Connie behaves icily towards them and ignores Alma's inquiries as to why; Connie returns home and is outraged at the going's on in her house; she and Allison have a heated argument that culminates with Connie slapping Allison... and Allison saying, "I wish you had died, and not my father!" Connie is struck dumb, and can only think to exit her daughter's room.

    Episode 7: Quite a Gal

    [Winter of 1962]

    The Christmas Dance; Selena Cross has saved up enough money to buy a dress from Doris' shop... only to discover her stepfather, Lucas, has stolen the money, and won't give it back unless she sleeps with him; fortunately, he realizes Selena's mother, Nellie, is in the room, and simply returns the money; Principal Kyros asks Connie to be a chaperone for the dance, and she agrees; Connie and Alma, who's also a chaperone, treat themselves to a day of getting ready for the dance; Rodney asks Allison to the dance to make up for causing so much trouble at her birthday party, though he spends most of the evening ogling Betty, who arrives wearing a sexy red dress; Rodney ends up going out to the parking lot with Betty, to Allison's humiliation; Allison saves face by asking Norman Page to dance with her; meanwhile, Betty fools Rodney into thinking she wants to sleep with him in his new car, only to kick him at just the right moment and get out, telling him to go sleep with Allison; Connie and Principal Kyros end up sharing a rather steamy dance that later results in the two kissing... an act that is witnessed by Allison, who views this as a betrayal to her father; after Ted Carter walks Selena home, her stepfather rapes her; as Rodney drives Connie and Allison home, Allison vomits all over her new dress.

    Episode 8: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Selena's?

    [Spring of 1963]

    Selena Cross is running for her life through the woods as Lucas gives chase; she manages to evade him, but falls down a hill; she is discovered by Matthew Swain, out on a nature walk; he takes her to see Dr. Rossi when she seems to be in pain; Dr. Rossi reveals the news that Selena is pregnant, and she realizes that only Lucas could be the father; she begs Dr. Rossi for an abortion, and he, unfamiliar with such a process, takes Dr. Harry Miles and Nurse Mary Kelley into his confidence to assist him; meanwhile, Allison runs into Betty at the bus station, and finds out the latter intends to leave town, unable to take all the gossip and slander flung at her; Allison convinces Betty to stay; later, Mike, Harry and Matt go to the Cross shack where they confront Lucas, and force him to sign a confession before running him out of town; none of them realize that Nellie witnesses the whole thing.

    Episode 9: Hard as Diamonds

    In order to help out the Cross family following Lucas' desertion, Connie, along with a few other women, hire Nellie as a part-time housekeeper; Dr. Mike Rossi sees Betty Anderson wandering around in the middle of a school day; she tells him she's decided to drop out of school and get a job, except she doesn't know any place that will accept her; Dr. Rossi offers her the position of Nurse's Assistant, and she accepts; Head Nurse Choate doesn't believe Betty has what it takes and tries to scare her away, but Nurse Mary Kelley offers Betty a helping hand; later, Dr. Rossi invites Connie to his beach house for a midnight swim; at first, she calls him crazy, but then changes her mind and accepts; the two of them end up making passionate love, with him remarking that her nipples are "like diamonds"; Dr. Harry Miles meets Stella Chernak, and after finding out that she's a biochemist, hires her as his assistant; Stella's father, Gus, bitter over losing his job at the mill, manipulates George Anderson into going over to Leslie Harrington's house to shoot him by revealing that Leslie had an affair with Julie; Matthew Swain is there and tries to calm George down... only to be shot accidentally; Matt is rushed to the hospital, where they discover he'll make a full recovery; Rodney turns up at the hospital to console Allison; Dr. Rossi discovers that George is manic depressive, and that he must be sent to a mental institution; Betty is suspicious that Gus Chernak had something to do with her father's breaking point.

    Episode 10: All Fall Down

    Allison notices that Nellie Cross is becoming increasingly erratic in her behavior, and begins hailing Lucas as a saint of a husband, despite previously bashing him; Joe Chernak has been harassing Lew Miles and Joanne Walker, as Joanne had formerly been his girlfriend; Rodney, both wanting to help and prove that he can handle situations just like his father, confronts Joe and tells him to leave Lew and Joanne alone; this results in the two of them fighting... before Joe falls, lands on his head wrong, and dies; Rodney is arrested after Stella claims that Rodney intended to kill her brother.

    Episode 11: To Kill a Mocking Man

    Gus Chernak, crazed with grief over his son's death, tries to shoot Martin Peyton, only to have a heart attack; at the hospital, Gus gets Stella to promise to "avenge" her brother; later, Nurse Assistant Betty gets Gus to confess to manipulating George; Betty then does something to cause his death, and gets away with it; meanwhile, Harry Miles tries to comfort a grieving Stella, and the two end up sharing a passionate kiss that is witnessed by Nurse Mary Kelley, who wastes no time in alerting Alma; Alma confronts Stella, and later her husband; Rodney is visited in his cell by Principal Kyros, and his teacher, Elsie Thorton; the two reassure Rodney that, while they may dislike him, they do believe that he is innocent, giving Rodney hope.

    Episode 12: I Thank a Fool

    Richard Jensen, a former lover of Stella who served 3 years for stealing narcotics, turns up in town and tries to blackmail her into stealing morphine from the hospital for him to sell; Stella can't take things anymore and confesses everything, the whole truth, to Harry, who gets her to make a statement to the police and lawyers; Rodney is exonerated, resulting in him and Betty sharing a joyful hug and a passionate kiss that Allison witnesses; Allison decides she's had enough of Rodney's indecisive nature and leaves the courthouse hand-in-hand with Norman, though this is a platonic gesture (Rodney, who sees them, believes otherwise); Stella and her mother, Anna, leave town, but not before getting some money from Harry; Martin blackmails Julie into leaving town by threatening to reveal Betty's involvement in Gus' death; after Julie leaves, Martin invites Betty to come live with him as his second assistant, much to the chagrin of Hannah Cord.

    Episode 13: Last Day of Childhood

    [Summer of 1963]

    The 4th of July; as the town celebrates, tragic events unfold: after Allison mentions to Nellie Cross that she'll be having a picnic with Norman Page, Nellie reveals some horrible secrets about Norman's parents, including how Evelyn breast-fed Norman till he was a small child; a disgusted Allison calls Nellie crazy and leaves the house in a huff; Nellie begins to hallucinate that Lucas has returned... and wants her to come away with him; Rodney and Betty go skinny dipping (much like how they did in the pilot episode) and are spotted by Charles Partridge, who's wife, Marion, believes it was actually Allison and Norman; Marion wastes no time in spreading the news around, though nobody tells Connie or Evelyn; Alma hears the rumor, and quickly calls Connie to reassure her that she doesn't believe its true; Connie, unfortunately, does believe the rumor, and calls Evelyn - but doesn't mention the part about the skinny dipping; Evelyn only knows that Norman has gone off somewhere Allison... and promptly freaks out; Evelyn races over to Connie's house, and things quickly escalate to a catfight that must be broken up by Dr. Rossi and Principal Kyros; Allison walks in, and Evelyn demands to know where Norman is; after screaming at him to come inside, even more accusations and arguments fly about; Connie roars for the Pages to leave her house, and she slaps Allison, calling her a bastard and saying she's just like her father - resulting in Allison slapping Connie; mother and daughter come to blows with one another, and again Rossi and Kyros separate the brawling women; in the heat of the moment, Connie confesses that Allison is illegitimate, causing her daughter to run upstairs to her room... to discover that Nellie Cross has hung herself in Allison's closet.
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