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Days of Our Lives Watching Days of Our Lives

Discussion in 'US Daytime Soaps' started by Jason73, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Jason73

    Jason73 Well-Known Member

    I agree. Kristen has left a big hole and after the tense and dramatic sweeps week, the past week has not followed through. I was excited to see a murder mystery unfold, but this Nick/Gabi mystery wasn't the one I was expecting. It's just really hard to be invested in it when you know that Gabi is leaving the show. If things were set up so that Gabi got murdered, that might be interesting. I haven't watched the Tuesday episode yet, so last I saw, Gabi popped Nick with a rock. I'm assuming Nick is the murder victim. It's just so weird because it totally looked like they were setting things up for a Kristen murder mystery. They had Marlena's fingerprints on Kristen's gun and they had at least three people threaten to kill her. Even though I know Kristen would have turned up alive the moment they got Eileen to come back, I still wish they would have done a "who killed Kristen" mystery. It would have given Marlena another story and could have involved Victor too. Kristen's exit was so abrupt as was Eileen's. I still wonder if there was more to the story of her sudden exit than we know.

    Agreed. The only thing that I liked about the Sami trial was that it gave Justin some screen time and caused some friction for Justin and Adrienne.

    Her main role seemed to be trying to break up Kim and Shane and help her mother get with Shane. She was also involved in a story where she was married to Jennifer's husband Jack. It's fuzzy, but it revolved around ownership of the newspaper Jack worked for. And then she was involved in some stories revolving around her big love--her former pimp Nick. I don't remember her singing, but I may have blocked that out.

    Please, please, please give that lady a story. It's time to get rid of Bo. It's ridiculous that they haven't addressed the actor's exit after all this time. I'd even be up for a Bo recast. They've done it once before. I'm really hoping that the character Mark Collier has been cast to play is for Hope. He'd be great with her. (He'd be a decent Bo recast, actually.) But, I have a feeling he isn't for her. He's probably related to Jordan somehow.
  2. Jason73

    Jason73 Well-Known Member

    I just finished yesterday's episode. This "murder cover up" story is pretty dumb. I'll admit that the twist with Nick being still alive when they dumped him in the river--effectively making the three women actual murderers--was sort of interesting. But there are too many problems with this story. First of all the whole thing is predicated on the idea that the three of them are too dumb to recognize an open and shut case of self defense and too dumb to recognize a pulse or even shallow breathing. It doesn't help that I couldn't care less about Gabi and don't care that much more for Sami or Kate. Now, if Nick survives the river, holes up somewhere and secretly terrorizes Sami, Kate, Gabi, Will, Sonny and all the Hortons; that might salvage the story for me.

    The other problem that I am having right now is with the "hunt for Kristen" story. We all know Eileen is gone and that she isn't coming back anytime soon, so how much more airtime are they going to devote to this empty search for her when nothing can come of it.

    I do find the Nicole/Eric stuff interesting and Greg Vaughn continues to be endearing as lost and vulnerable Eric. (It's nice that the writers remembered that Eric was a photographer before he was a priest.) It was also great to see Caroline and Victor share some scenes. Is it weird that I'd like to see a Caroline-Victor-Maggie triangle?
  3. CarlD

    CarlD Well-Known Member

    From what I read, someone getting murdered, I thought was going to be a big "who done it ?" kind of mystery.

    Gabi killing Nick with the rock wasn't what I expected.

    As for Kristen, I did read she will be on the show 1 more time, Dec 2 or 3, I forget which day. Didn't read the rest of the article, want to be surprised, hoping for a last scene with Stefano.
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  4. Jason73

    Jason73 Well-Known Member

    I agree--it's not at all what I thought the mystery would be. It feels like the show is trying so hard to make Sami and Kate enduring "frenemies" along the lines of Dorian and Vicki from OLTL and Jill and Katherine from Y&R.

    Looking forward to that.
  5. Jason73

    Jason73 Well-Known Member

    The weekly preview for next week--more Gabi, Kate and Sami drama:

  6. TJames03

    TJames03 Well-Known Member

    I highly doubt that Nick is dead. A shame that they never mention Jessica and Marie's mental illnesses to bridge the generational gap. Gabi doesn't exit DOOL until April of '14.

    Brady is such a rotten character. He is truly cringeworthy to watch.
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  7. Jason73

    Jason73 Well-Known Member

    I haven't read a thing about Blake Berris filming his final episode, so I kind of doubt he is actually dead too.

    Thanks for that. I was wondering how long it would be until that irritating character is gone. April is a long ways away . . . And this "murder" storyline means Gabi is going to be front and center for a while now.

    I am not a Brady fan and I'm not looking forward to his upcoming drug meltdown.
  8. TJames03

    TJames03 Well-Known Member

    Brady needs to die of a drug overdose. I cannot STAND him! It would be a really great storyline arc, IMHO, if he died. ED made a very cryptic remark before she left saying that "She didn't get to work with people that she wanted and had to work with people that she didn't."

  9. Daniel Avery

    Daniel Avery Knots Landing Forum Moderator Staff Member

    I know age is so relative on soaps, but I would have to cry foul if they had hired Mark Collier to play Bo. He and I went to the same university at the same time (different degree programs) so a character who was popular when I was in middle school would suddenly be my age???

    But I liked MC a lot during his time on ATWT, so I'm sure he will bring that sort of charisma to any character he plays.
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  10. Jason73

    Jason73 Well-Known Member

    Lol. It wouldn't be that much different than a character who was born when I was 11 years old now being roughly the same age as me. (Greg Vaughn as Eric Brady.) But I'm not really in favor of aging a character backwards either.

    Collier is not a Bo recast though. He's supposedly playing a character named Liam who works at the hospital--putting him in the same orbit as his fellow former Mike Kasnoff--Shawn Christian. He doesn't need to be Bo, but I'd really like him to be a love interest for Hope. Collier is only about seven years younger than Kristian Alfonso, but I'm fairly certain he isn't for her. He'll probably either be involved with Jordan or maybe Jennifer since the writers seem to prefer to write for her over Kayla and Hope.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2013
  11. sueellensbigsister

    sueellensbigsister Active Member

    Nick's head on kate's laptop as the virus was hysterical. They should always keep some kind of doubt lurking as to is he alive or not?
    so that Kate, Sami, and Gabby will always be looking over their shoulders even after he is long gone.

    as for the show it's gone stale.... I no longer care about anything except the Eric storyline.
  12. sueellensbigsister

    sueellensbigsister Active Member

    BTW in case Days viewers didn't know Eileen was back as Ashley during thanksgiving on Y&R.
    Her version of "Ashley" that she plays now whenever guesting on Y&R is so different from when she was a regular on the show,
    still it's nice to see her.
  13. CarlD

    CarlD Well-Known Member

    Saw on Y & R the day she was in the Doctors office getting her ankle checked out, glad they still want her on the show, even if it is occasionally.
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  14. Jason73

    Jason73 Well-Known Member

    I really enjoyed this week's set of episodes. It's good to have Will and Sonny back even if they are supporting characters right now. Lots of screen time for Eric and Nicole. I thought the confrontation scenes between Eric and Nicole in Friday's episode were well written and well acted. The moment where Nicole finally agreed to help Eric and Eric's response to that was touching. I have to admit that I am loving the dynamic between Kate, Sami and Gabi. Their scenes on Friday were quite funny.The dynamic is going to get even more complicated according to Soap Opera Digest when
    Show Spoiler
    Sonny overhears the three of them talking and learns the whole truth about Nick's "murder." I'm thrilled that Sonny and Will are going to be roped into this storyline further.
    I'm still hoping the fact that Nick is alive will be revealed at some point and that he will stay hidden and terrorize everyone involved.

    The best part of the week was how much screen time Maggie got--interacting with Daniel, Jennifer, JJ, Theresa, Victor and Brady. Let's hope her increased screen presence continues.

    Soap Opera Digest awarded Days of Our Live "Most Entertaining Show" of 2013. (GH won "Best Show.") There isn't really much competition for SOD's annual Best/Worst issue these days, compared to the days when there were 12 or more soaps on the air.
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  15. Jason73

    Jason73 Well-Known Member

    Different in a bad or disappointing way? Or different in the sense that the writers don't really know her character? Or different in the way Eileen is playing her?
  16. Jason73

    Jason73 Well-Known Member

    Next week's preview--Sonny's in the closet . . . :D

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  17. sueellensbigsister

    sueellensbigsister Active Member

    I'm always glad to have Maggie, Victor, Caroline & Hope. Cierra & Johnny are my faves of the child actors. I like sunny&will too MINUS GABI but they are always the front runners of the show and it's time to let other aspects of the show in. But not Rafe PLEASE!!

    Eileen is different playing Ashley since she did so much work on Days as Kristen. As Ashley she use to talk a little slower and she wasn't so flirty as she is now when she's on. Ashley was a little more serious and quiet and certainly very different then Kristen.

    I am wondering what they are going to do with Eric now that all this is
    happening I care the most about his scenes with Nicole and Marlene.
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  18. sueellensbigsister

    sueellensbigsister Active Member

    Nice Avatar of Christmas Maggie BTW Jason. :xmas:
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  19. Jason73

    Jason73 Well-Known Member

    I agree and I'm hoping since it's the holidays we will get to see more of Maggie and Caroline. Soap Opera Digest rated Hope "Most Wasted Female Character." Hopefully the Days writers are paying attention to that. Sadly SOD also rated Rafe "Most Wasted Male Character." Hopefully the Days writers accidentally skipped over that part.

    I love Cierra. Theo is another child actor that I enjoy on the show.

    Yeah, WilSon has had plenty of front burner time. It's their turn to be supporting players. Though I want as much Chandler Massey air time as possible before he leaves at the end of the month.

    Oh that's interesting. I guess maybe the transition from Days to Y&R was so quick she didn't have much time to shed Kristen's mannerisms. I watched Y&R years ago and always like Ashley.
  20. Jason73

    Jason73 Well-Known Member

    Lots of humor on Days this week. I found the saga of Sonny in the closet pretty funny. I love Freddie Smith and his facial expressions while he was hiding in the closet were hilarious and adorable. I also thought that J.J. and Brady coincidentally showing up at the same park bench to try and score drugs was amusing too. Poor J.J. though . . .

    Good scenes of Will and Adrienne hanging out too--funny and sweet. Love her apologizing for judging Sami too harshly, while across town her son is learning about how Sami killed another man.

    James Scott (EJ) did some great acting this week. I know it's supposed to be their thing, but I'm tired of Sami and EJ's constant bickering.

    What was with Nicole's purple pleather dress and leopard print faux fur? She looked ridiculous. :confused: Now that she doesn't work for a priest her fashion sense has deteriorated?? (Also, while I'm talking fashion, could they please stop dressing Will in vests. He looks silly in them.)

    According to Soap Opera Digest, the show is finally going to start to address how Hope is feeling about Bo's absence.

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