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Stick A Fork In It: SoapNet Likely To Cease Operations

Discussion in 'US Daytime Soaps' started by Daniel Avery, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. Daniel Avery

    Daniel Avery Knots Landing Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Virtually every major cable company in the US has sent word to its subscribers that SoapNet will no longer be carried on their systems after December 19. Though several systems have already pulled the plug, the channel has been limping along for almost two years after they were supposed to go off the air. With only two time-shifted soaps left on its schedule (General Hospital and Days of Our Lives) and a slate of over-played reruns of shows like BH90210 and One Tree Hill, the channel is already a shell of its former self. The successor, Disney Junior, will attract a very different demographic, but seems to be what ABC/Disney think will be a better fit with their financials.

    I'm sorry to see it go, or maybe the better way to say it is "I'll miss what it could have been," and not necessarily miss what it is these days. I know it was a pretty fun channel to have around back when it first arrived, but other than GH, I don't see anything on there I make time to watch. I watch GH in the evening, but with my cable company offering same-day reruns of GH in its on-demand service, I won't be missing the show--just watching it a different way--once SN goes off the air.

    I heard someone else comment that though SN is just now going off the air, it went off the rails about two years ago and no one bothered to put it back on the tracks.
  2. Crimson

    Crimson Well-Known Member

    I misread the title, and thought Soapchat.net was going to disappear.

    I was not amused.
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  3. carylfan10

    carylfan10 Well-Known Member

    I did the same thing! Freaked me out for a minute!!
  4. Jason73

    Jason73 Well-Known Member

    It started off with so much possibility. I was really excited when it first came out--airing "classic" episodes of Ryan's Hope and Another World. I was hopeful that we would see some other old soaps (or older AW episodes) but the channel really did lose it's way.

    It's a shame . . .
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  5. carylfan10

    carylfan10 Well-Known Member

    I grew up on the soaps. I got to stay home from school to watch Victor and Nikki's weddings. When my grandmother visited she would always watch y&r with me and my mom.

    Over the years I was so "rebellious" that my idea of rebelling was to watch other soaps. (Needless to say I was a pretty good kid lol) but soon I started really liking them. I really started liking GL during the Annie years, and with Alan-Michael and Lucy. As I grew up and started a family I kind of got away from watching soaps but every week I read soap opera digest cover to cover. I went back to gl when phillip returned and stayed to the end. then came the end of atwt. So I turned to OLTL when Howarth returned because I knew enough from my magazines that that was a HUGE get. But not only did I love Todd, but I loved every bit of the whole Victor Todd storyline. But just as soon as I got invested in OL and AMC..bam, yet another ax fell on possibly the deadliest day in soap opera history.

    I just couldn't get invested in any other soap. I kept hearing how cbs wants out of the soap business, and so I figured why bother investing in another soap? I tried, I really did. I even watched b&B but found that to be utter and total crap. It didn't used to be, but the writer insisted on telling the audience who we should root for instead of listenting to the audience, so again...why care?

    I tried watching a clip of GH only to see my beloved Roger Howarth reduced to talking to a painting. a painting! @Daniel Avery was thoughtful enough to give me some backstory, but I could not get over the horrible writing for such a great actor like Howarth. I could only imagine how they treated the rest of the cast.

    Then I started watching primetime cable. That taught me so much about what good writing and good television should be.

    I want to support soaps, but with the writing the way it is....its just not worth it. I expect more from tv, and the soaps just don't deliver anymore.
  6. Daniel Avery

    Daniel Avery Knots Landing Forum Moderator Staff Member

    GH is actually on fire right now, though the story involving Roger Howarth has gone from bad to worse, and as of Friday went into "even worse" territory. But every soap always has a few clunkers. Roger's ever-evolving character/story on GH still can't hold a candle to the "Two Todds" retcon-palooza with the brainwashed secret twin, renegade CIA-agent mother, and matricide/fratricide side-dishes.

    Like you, I rebelled in my teen years against my Y&R-loving mom. But I took it even further by actually (*gasp*) switching networks to get hooked on Another World. As far as my mom was concerned, it was as if I'd defected to Cuba. :shocked: But after AW was cancelled, I tried to get into ATWT but it wasn't the same. SoapNet actually made it convenient for me to watch OLTL from about 2008 until the 2012 cancellation, and that was a better fit, but I wasn't anywhere near as upset when OLTL was cancelled as I was when AW was. I made a point of never missing AW, but I'm much less attached to GH nowadays; it's good, but it's just kind of "there". When I found out SN was going off the air, my reaction was "Oh, well...guess I won't be watching GH any more," not "OMG I have to get a DVR or something to record it!" Of course someone helpfully pointed out XFinity On-Demand puts up the episodes so I will continue to watch, just in a different way. Not sure if it is a comment on the shows, or just my changing tastes in TV. I can practically count on one hand the shows I go out of my way to watch in a week of programming.
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  7. CarlD

    CarlD Well-Known Member

    The only time I tune in, is when the NBC airing of "Days of our Lives" is interrupted for some reason.

    Great when it first started, with DALLAS and other popular reruns.

    Not surprised it's going.
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  8. jennifervalene

    jennifervalene Well-Known Member

    I knew soap net would end soon. Weren't they going to make it into a disney kid's channel i thought? well, it is nice for when the president or something interrupts the episode and you could always watch /record it arn soapnet then. o well. i knew it was coming to an end eventually. and esp. since 90210 is all they ever show almost! it was so good when it started.. that is how i got re-hooked on knots- i didnt have soap net in cali but my sis did so being the nice sis she is she began recording them for me and then sending them on vhs tapes about 8 or so at a time! o well. all good things must come to an end.. you are lucky you can rewatch GH on demand. I don't have that on my on demand.
  9. LoveEwings

    LoveEwings Active Member

    I don't understand what happened to this channel. I wish it would go back the the awesomeness it was 10-15 years ago.
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  10. Daniel Avery

    Daniel Avery Knots Landing Forum Moderator Staff Member

    It's now official. They say the channel will go dark on Dec. 31.
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  11. jennifervalene

    jennifervalene Well-Known Member

    No Daniel Avery no!!! :((( Where did you here this? I am so bummed and my mom will be completely bummed as she doesn't have a dvr box to record!
  12. Daniel Avery

    Daniel Avery Knots Landing Forum Moderator Staff Member

    I figure my best way to watch GH (if I decide to continue watching it) will be the on-demand service that my cable company offers. They offer same day episodes of GH.

    I read the news in several places, like daytime confidential, welovesoaps.net and deadline.com.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2013
  13. eaejr

    eaejr Well-Known Member

    "Not surprised" either. About 3-4 years overdue (IMO).

    Yes,Soapnet was "great when it first started". I remember being so excited when I got the channel but.......it had already begun to shift from its original concept once i finally did get the station.

    Soapnet got away from what it was supposed to be. Which was being about airing current and classic soap operas from daytime and nighttime.

    It got caught up in the reality television phenomenan and teeny bopper shows.
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  14. jennifervalene

    jennifervalene Well-Known Member

    that is cool you watch it through on demand. i record mine if i am not home on my dvr. why would you quit watching it? i think it has been better than it has been for years!!!!
  15. Daniel Avery

    Daniel Avery Knots Landing Forum Moderator Staff Member

    I'm just really old-fashioned in my viewing habits. I watch TV while doing other things (computer, papers for work, etc.) and it's easy to multi-task. I was all gung-ho to watch the online revival of One Life to Live, but once I realized I could not do other stuff while watching (the computer screen was obviously taken!) it became more a chore to catch up on missed episodes than it had been a treat to look forward to new eps. I didn't even watch the final four episodes. So while I totally agree GH is a fun show and I like watching it, I typically don't watch things via on-demand. It seems to be much more like "normal" TV watching, so on-demand might be just fine. I just wonder if I'll put off watching the daily episodes (like I ended up doing with OLTL) and get so far behind that I lose interest. Maybe it's not so much old fashioned as "lazy". :bash:
  16. jennifervalene

    jennifervalene Well-Known Member

    gotcha! i understand... GH is one of the few shows I record. And i also didn't watch OLTL online except a few episodes because i do other things on the pc and you can't watch at the same time. like what you said. and also i didn't like that it wouldn't allow you to ff through the ads and there seemed to be a lot of ads...

    so you also don't dvr shows? I guess for you if it is on you will watch it at that time? i also mutli task while watching.. i guess most do these days.. Soapnet has not been good for years though so I am not heartbroken by any means that it's going as I knew a few years back it was on it's way out.
  17. LoveEwings

    LoveEwings Active Member

    My Direct TV has posted that Soapnet will go away as of 12/31. I have to admit that I don't really care, because it isn't the channel it used to be. I haven't watched it since Young and the Restless moved to TVGN.
  18. jennifervalene

    jennifervalene Well-Known Member

    You and me both! The only thing it is good for is if there is an interruption during General Hospital then they would usually show the episode that night.But I can always watch it online then.. No loss.. Soap net has sucked bigtime since around 2009 or so when they took off Dallas and Melrose Place-they had already taken Knots off.
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  19. Daniel Avery

    Daniel Avery Knots Landing Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Comcast (at least "my" Comcast here) says they won't broadcast SoapNet after 12/19. The channel will just be blank, I guess, because nothing was announced to be airing on that channel afterwards.

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