NY NY (new york new york) Final Season Continuing from Eps 139-147.

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    Nancy Blake Show
    On Air Cam Show
    New York City

    Host Nancy Blake (played by Serinda Swan), is hosting Live coverage in front of a live audience and to millions across the country. Her Guests are Sharon Taylor, left, Deloris King, Centre, and Matt Graison, right. Deloris is holding missing posters of her mother, Charlotte King, who unbeknown to her had been murdered by the Francis Bay Killer, orchestrated by Bethany, weeks earlier.

    Nancy Blake looks to the Camera, as she sits left Deloris in Camera view.

    "Welcome to the Nancy Blake show. Hi I'm Nancy Blake and here with me today is Deloris King, who runs a coffee shop, in the small town of Francis Bay on the far east coast of Long Island. Am I correct?"

    Blake puts the microphone to Deloris mouth.

    "Uh, yeah, but......."- Deloris

    "That's very interesting, must get chilly this time of year, but of course you have plenty of hot drinks to warm yourself up with huh, keep the colds at bay. Get it at Bay? Ha haha haha."

    "Uh....Uh yeah. Listen I'm looking for my mother......"

    "I hope you're not nervous, which is perfectly normal, because this is my fifth show and I'm still nervous. In fact is there anyone here who is not nervous, Sharon? Matt?"

    Blake puts the microphone back to Deloris lips.

    "Listen I'm in search of my mother, her name is Charlotte King, she disappeared around a month and half ago......"

    Blake interrupts her.

    "This wonderful. Because I love coffee. My favourite is Latte. It's bad I know because of the caffeine. But, the energy surge just sends chills down my spine. Can't beat a Latte or Cappuccino, with a Cream Pie."

    Blake feels momentarily awkward and coughs, before placing the Microphone back to Deloris.

    "Listen, I'm trying to find my mother, her name is Charlotte King and........"

    Blake interrupts again.

    "This is wonderful, Uh......how did it come about that you became to run your own coffee shop?."

    "Look, I'm trying......"

    "Do you recommend this line of work. Do you make a lot of money doing this?"

    "Her name is Charlotte King, she's forty three......"

    "This is a little off the subject, but that is a beautiful bracelet, can I ask you where you got that?"

    "She's forty three years old, I'm trying to find her."

    "Great, lets say you do find her. What would you say to her, what would be the first thing that would pop into your head?"

    "She's Forty Three years old, her name is Charlotte King...."

    "Thank you so much Deloris."......Blake turns to guest Sharon. "Hello, there Sharon, now you are an interesting character. Now you are twenty one and you have slept with a hundred men over seventy years old."

    "And they've me so rich!!"- Sharon

    "Who can blame you?"- Blake

    A seething Deloris snatches the microphone away from Blakes hand.

    "Yeah, rich bitch can my kiss my fucking ass. Listen I'm trying my mother OK. Her name is Charlotte King, she was last seen in Francis Bay Long Island, on January 12th, and if you have any information....."

    "Thank you, Deloris....- Blake.

    "No keep off Blake, and if you have any information to this wonderful lady, I'd appreciate it if you contact the Kings Café of Francis Bay, I have a five thousand dollar reward to offer. Hey, asshole, leave the camera on me, I'll knee your balls right to the roof of your mouth. Charlotte King, Kings café, Francis Bay, Long Island. Now you can talk about, skanky Sharon and her geriatric perverts and whatever, excuse me."

    "Thank you, that was Deloris King."

    Deloris walks off set. Blake has the microphone and points it to Matt Graison's lips

    "Now where were we. Oh yes, you have slept with over a hundred men and they are all over seventy."- Blake.

    "Actually no, that was Sharon."- Matt.

    "Oh yes.......Blake looks to the camera awkwardly. ......."We'll be right back after this commercial break."

    Cue Commercial Break music.


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