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About Us

Established in 1997 Soap Chat began as a forum dedicated to the global smash hit TV series Dallas. Later forums for Knots Landing, Dynasty & Falcon Crest were created.

Over time the members grew and the forums branched out to cover UK & US soaps, Movies, Music, off-topic areas such as the Lounge, Rant Room, Play Games, News, & Politics.

Today we are a community that spans the globe with members discussing their favourite shows, old & new, as well as up and coming shows and movies.

As a global community, we don’t always agree and we’re often learning about each other’s cultures and opinions on life and the world of media, not agreeing is part of the fun, however, we are very respectful of each other’s opinions and that’s what keeps us strong. We welcome all fans of soaps, classic and new to share their opinions. If you want to be part of our community and make new friends, please sign up.

The Mod Team